What is cash preparedness all about?

Preparedness should allow for the building up of operational readiness for timely and appropriate emergency responses. With good preparedness, cash transfer programing (CTP) responses can be implemented quickly on a large scale.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (the Movement) CTP Guidelines for mainstreaming and preparedness suggest a process organized into three stages to develop a CTP preparedness Plan of Action (PoA) and strategy. The CiE Toolkit makes tools available to support these three stages:
Stage 1. Prepare and analyse
Stage 2. Develop and implement
Stage 3. Review, learn and improve
For each stage, there is a road map with short guidance, minimum standards, description of sub-steps and existing tools. The sub-steps and tools suggested can be adapted for use in different contexts, by different organizations. When adapting tools to your context and needs, you can find detailed guidance on preparedness from the reference documents suggested at both module and step levels. For each step, minimum standards are suggested to help the practitioner understand what is mandatory throughout the process.