We already register beneficiaries to receive items and services from our branches. Can we use the same registration system?

In the planning phase, it must be decided if registration is appropriate at all. A ticket system may be employed for blanket distributions in the acute phase of an emergency. If not in an acute phase or if you are targeting households or individuals, some measures will ensure a smooth registration process:
• Roles and responsibilities will need to be established - who will do registration and if it will be alone or joint
• The type and level of information to be collected as well as the method of collecting it (online, offline or by hand, etc).
• Develop registration forms
• Organize the registration

When transferring cash it is very important to have a detailed “clean” list from beginning to end. This requires a close attention to detail (spelling of names, confirmation of ID details and in the case of mobile transfers, correct phone numbers). Mistakes could cause delays with your financial service provider and prevent them from disbursing funds. Some basic standards to follow:

 Register only those who are eligible to receive the assistance (cash, voucher, in-kind).
 In order to reduce duplications and omissions, registration and identification should take place at the same time.
 In order to identify beneficiaries, at least an official identification (e.g. ID) should match an internal verification tool (e.g. distribution lists, cards, SIM).
 Ensure that the identification required to register beneficiaries abide by the national financial regulations.

For more information, please see the roadmap for registration and identification found in the set up & implementation section of the Cash in Emergencies Toolkit.