How do you establish criteria for who will receive cash?

Targeting involves aligning your chosen programme activities to specific beneficiaries. This requires clear project objectives based on assessed needs. A number of targeting approaches exist and you will need to choose the one that best suits your context. All your decisions on targeting will need to be clearly communicated with internal and external actors as well as the affected population. They will also have to consider the local markets and intended beneficiary access to them, as well as coverage and access to potential delivery agents and methods.
Once you have defined the geographic area where you will be operating you will have to decide the approach which may be blanket in a geographic area or targeting specific households or individuals. Targeting households and individuals involves setting targeting criteria that will allow you to meet more specific needs of a smaller target group than blanket approaches that tend to be used to meet immediate needs. This type of targeting requires defining a set of criteria, ideally with the community, to help identify households or individuals that are eligible for the cash transfer.

See the section on targeting in the response analysis section of the Cash in Emergencies Toolkit

Additional tools:
• Targeting Criteria
• Targeting Mechanism