How do I know if I can use cash? Is there a tool that can help me decide?

Your decision to include cash as an option can be made immediately after the shock based on your initial assessment and might be used in the initial phase of your response. This will include information gathered directly during initial field visits or taken from contingency plans and coordination meetings. However, only after a more detailed assessment followed by response analysis can confirm what response modality will best meet the needs of the affected population in the next phases of the response.

There are a number of things to consider when deciding if cash is an appropriate response option such as what items are needed, availability of items and services, preference/use of cash in the community, etc. Arriving at the decision to use cash can made more quickly and easily by tools available on the Cash in Emergencies Tool Kit in the Assessment and Response Analysis Section. Some of these key tools include:

• Local Authorities /Humanitarian Agencies Interview
• Community and Household level cash questions
• Community Access to Markets
• Priority Needs Calculation
• Rapid Assessment for Markets (RAM)
• Assessing Financial Service Providers

• Is cash feasible checklist
• Risk Matrix template
• Decision making template